My passion is promoting a New Design Ecology, one that consists of symbiotic and synergistic design solutions that promote human and environmental health and wellbeing by connecting humans to nature and to each other in the built environment. I am a leading educator of biophilic design and believe that ecology and biophilia belong at the foundation and core of professional design programs and practices. As a consultant, I encourage a holistic, integrated, “eco-system” approach when incorporating biophilia and ecology into projects including those seeking Living Building Challenge and WELL Building certifications and am a team member of Prasada Wholebeing@Work. I offer presentations and design charrettes & workshops nationally and internationally about the Biophilic Design Process and a New Design Ecology. CV and references are available upon request.

I am a licensed architect in Vermont, Pennsylvania, and New York; member of the American Society of Architects; maintain an NCARB Certificate; am a LEED Accredited Professional; and WELL Faculty Member specializing in biophilia and biophilic design. Below is a smattering of my work, teachings, and philosophy.

My passion is creating soulful and timeless built environments where people can relax, rejuvenate, contemplate, create, enjoy their family and friends, celebrate a sense community and connect to a world much greater than ones-self.
Elizabeth Freeman Calabrese, AIA, NCARB, LEED AP
Burlington, Vermont USA

Safari Resort in Laikipia County, Kenya.
The living room in the "Party House" promotes gathering and a sense of community at the resort. The organic shapes of the gable windows and stone fireplace bring the outdoors inside.
The perched dining room overlooks the living room. The thatched roof and soft plaster walls embrace guests and offer a sense of protection from the elements.

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